Plan your garden for the new year - 02. January 2019

Planning your garden for the new year is fundamental in order to be prepared and organised when the busy season hits. 

So what are the steps to follow in the planification of your garden? 

1. Type of Garden 

Are you looking to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers? How much of each do you want to grow? Remember to be realistic when listing up what you wish to grow.  

2. Size of Garden 

Are you working on a large space or you're planning to equip your terrace or balcony for your plants? Will you be planting directly on the ground or will you make use of raised beds/pots etc.?

3. Difficulty and Time

What is the commitment you are willing to put in? How many hours do you have available each week to dedicate to your garden? 

4. Climate

What is the climate where you live? This needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the plants for your garden, for example some do go in altitude while some others need milder temperatures.  

5. Soil Type

What is the soil type of your garden? Consider the conformation, are there many rocks? Is it sandy or mostly clayish? What's the pH?

6. Sun

Take into consideration how much sun you have in your garden, what time of the day it is present and plan your plants' locations accordingly. 

Once you've answered all this questions, you can proceed to draw a plan of your garden. Take a look at this plan we've made for a small and big garden for example.