Order your organic seedlings now! - 31. March 2021

Order your organic seedlings now!

Dear customers, HERE you can submit the order form for organic seedlings.
Sharing your apartment with your tomatoes and peppers for three months is not for everyone. Cultivating healthy seedlings requires a lot of light and heat, regular care, and some experience.

Seedlings sent via the post – is that possible?

Yes. It's not very simple, but a special packaging we developed stabilises the seedlings during shipment. In 2018, we tested with 300 shipments, and learned a lot be able to offer this service to a wider audience. And the quality in all that? All seedlings are from our own seeds and are professionally grown. We use the same plants to produce our seeds, so they meet our very demanding internal criteria. And of course, the plants are delivered in organic quality and in biodegradable pots.

How much does it cost?

All seeds cost CHF 5.95 apiece. Starting at a total value of CHF 75.00, shipping costs are offered, and are CHF 9.95 for lesser amounts. 5 STEPS FOR HEALTHY SEEDLINGS SENT BY POST Order your seedlings using the form [ORDER HERE].
Choose a delivery date:
Tuesday 20th April
Wednesday 21st April
Thursday 22nd April
Friday 23rd April
Tuesday, 27th April
Wednesday 28th April
Thursday 29th April
Friday 30th April
Tuesday 4th May
Wednesday 5th May
Thursday 6th May
Friday 7th May
Tuesday 11th May
Wednesday 12th May
Friday 14th May
Tuesday 18th May
Wednesday 19th May
Thursday 20th May
Friday 21st May
PLEASE NOTE: Once your order has been confirmed, the date can no longer be changed.


Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation. Please note this date carefully in your calendar, and make sure you are in when it is delivered. A reminder will be sent a few days prior to sending.


We ship them the day before by priority mail in special packaging. Please open the package quickly and water the seedlings if necessary.


Tomatoes, aubergines and peppers are sensitive to the cold and do not withstand frost. Therefore, we strongly advise you plant them only after 15th May in a protected and sunny place. If it is cold at this time of year, you can keep them for another ten days in a warm and sunny place on their own.

Note: We are permitted to replace unavailable items with equivalent varieties.

Not satisfied? If the seedlings are damaged during transport, or if they do not meet your expectations for other reasons, please take a photo in the original packaging, and send it to info@zollinger.bio