Tomatoes: Preventing blossom-end rot - 01. July 2021

It is frustrating and not very appetising. Plants seem vigorous and healthy, but suddenly the fruits start to rot. We forget the beautiful harvest! Is it a fungus? Or a bacterium that is rife on our crops?

No, it is blossom-end rot! Very present this year, it is simply due to a lack of calcium. The causes may be irregular watering, too low pH, or too high salt levels in the earth. With the heat and drought of recent weeks, symptoms are much more common, especially for large fruit varieties such as Rose de Berne or beefsteak.

How do you prevent blossom-end rot?

  • Watering regularly, preferably in the evening or early in the morning
  • Give your plants a calcium-rich fertiliser, for example AminoCa
  • Cultivation on the terrace/balcony: Try to ensure the pot does not warm up too much by the sun and aim to provide some shade. The roots will be less stressed as a result!

Photos: R. Allenspach

Tomatoes: Preventing blossom-end rot
Tomatoes: Preventing blossom-end rot
Tomatoes: Preventing blossom-end rot