Christine and Robert Zollinger win sustainability price - 30. October 2017

Organic seed breeders win prestigious sustainability price

  • Highly regarded price won by Swiss couple
  • Christine and Robert Zollinger, founders of family-owned breeding company, are rewarded for extraordinary achievements

Christine et Robert Zollinger have been rewarded for their life-long efforts to save heirloom vegetable varieties with the Sustainability Award "Neumarkter Lammsbräu". The jury was impressed by the couple's work to promote organic agriculture and save precious traditional varieties.

The small company they founded in 1984 has meanwhile become a reference for all gardeners in search of organic quality seeds. Today, its twenty employees are led by the second generation of Zollingers, the founders' sons. The catalog now counts more than 450 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs, mostly specialties suited for the home garden.

"At a time when organic agriculture was laughed upon and nobody ever heard of "biodiversity", we started our work to save traditional heirlooms, many of which would have disappeared by now. We are very grateful that this long work has finally been rewarded", said Christine Zollinger after the award ceremony.

One of the most prestigious prices for sustainability

The price has been awarded since 2002 by Dr. Franz Ehrnsperger, owner of the Neumarkter Lammsbräu brewery, which he converted to sustainable production already in 1977. A new bottle washing machine allows him to save a lot of water, energy and 10'000 Euros every year, which he uses to sponsor this award and to reward ecological and sustainable initiatives.

Christine and Robert Zollinger win sustainability price

Christine and Robert Zollinger win sustainability price

Christine and Robert Zollinger win sustainability price